AlarmWith modern marketing practices, the success of your business is inseparably tied to the amount of good things people are saying about you online. And in 2014, that often boils down to the number of people who can find your website on Google. So “Pigeon,” the latest change made to Google’s search algorithm should be important to your company’s bottom line.

Google has made three major changes to their algorithm since 2011. Each of these animal-named algorithm changes has focused on a different aspect of online customer search. “Panda” focused on the quality and relevance of site content. “Penguin” targeted people manipulating backlinks to their sites. Now, with the “Pigeon” changes, Google is reevaluating local search listings and will be punishing people who have not built their websites in the ways the company recommends.

With local search being front-and-center of Google’s attention right now, evaluating your site for any potential hits by the search engine is critical. And getting out ahead of these changes is a priority for any business that relies on being found in location-focused searches. Simple search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can be used to make sure your website is within compliance.

Really, there are three ways that online marketing is essential to the businesses of security system providers: reputation management, online reviews, and your company’s local search listing. SEO can help new customers to find your site over your competitors. Social media can be used for rep management to help answer customer questions, direct them to positive reviews, and create a community for your happy customers to pass along your praises. Your online marketing efforts can also help increase positive online reviews for your service on sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, the BBB, and Rip-off Report.

The transparent and compliant use of online marketing tools will ensure that your site is found, and continues to be found at the top of Google’s search results. As such, combining best on-site local optimization and reviews with good social media is a recipe for success for local business.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director