Pinterest has become one of the most prominent social media platforms out there due to the simplicity of finding photos of things that you love. As any good social media site would do, they continue to update and implement new tactics as they see necessary. The newest implementation: Place Pins.

What is Place Pins?

Place Pins is a simple map tool that allows Pinterest lovers to locate businesses and other places they are interested in, as well as get directions from one place to the next. With the majority of Pinterest users accessing it on their mobile devices, Place Pins is a great tool for the pinner on the go.

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The benefits

Pinterest built the maps function with help from Foursquare, Stamen and Mapbox, receiving further help from their partners Airnub, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Through integration with Foursquare, pinners can add location information to their existing pins. If they wish to add location information on new pins, they can do so by using partner sites such as TripAdvisor, Atlas Obscura, Trulia and Jetsetter. What this means is that if a company is indexed by Foursquare, a user can look up said company on Pinterest, locate it, and get directions to it from wherever they are.

Find the places you love

Pins on a map of the world

Nearly half of the pins posted everyday have to do with locations. Pinterest has taken note of this and has made it very convenient for users to find the products and places they love. They are allowing users to discover the places that they want to see by offering an easy way to find them. What more is they are helping businesses by pointing the consumer directly to their locations.

Pinterest is doing it right

Place Pins is an excellent tool that will offer many benefits to those on-the-go adventure seekers. With the ability to find new places, pinners will be able to discover the wonders of the world all around them, both near and far. You are also able to create your own board of Place Pins and share it with your friends. This will be a great tool to plan those dream vacations with those closest to you.

All-in-all this may not be an industry changer, but it is a brilliant tool. Pinterest is doing something right here, allowing the user an alternative discovery app, which has great potential for the future.

photo credit: DrJohnBullas via photopin cc

photo credit: Cali4beach via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director