In Kansas City, after-school program students have developed a car that runs off of social media, e.g., tweets, likes, shared, and Instagram.  They need your help to get them from Kansas City to Washington D.C., where they hope to change the educational system.  So what is this organization?

The MindDrive Program

MindDrive team photo, thanks to

MindDrive Team Photo, Photo Credit:

MindDrive is a non-profit organization that is run by Steve Rees.  It is an after-school program that empowers trouble teens to have confidence and gets them to reachfor higher goals in life.  As they work hands on to restore vintage cars, they learn about the auto industry, school subjects, and themselves.

This program has seen a huge success and has inspired many of the kids to go on and do some incredible things.  Another achievement they have accomplished is a social media campaign they are running right now.

Social Media Optimized Campaign

Students and staff refurbished an old 1967 Karmann Ghia and made it into an electric car.  They then installed a device that connects to 3G, or 4G, networks to constantly update and ‘fuel’ the car.  Personally, I think that it is set up so if they have enough likes, tweets, and shares, they can start the car, otherwise the car will function like a regular electric car.

Facebook like

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They are trending on Twitter and have generated a huge discussion about education in the United States.  One of the major things they push for is more hands on education.  I agree with them.  I believe that we should education on many levels not just for a test.  Some brilliant people cannot learn by book or classrooms but just need the chance to prove themselves hands on.  It is amazing what they can accomplish!

Social Media

Thus, this is the power of Social Media!  It can run a car from Kansas to D.C.  If you want help MindDrive get there, like their page at here.  If you have a cause like this or have a company you want to get trending then check out 3 tips for engaging consumers and fans via social media.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director