With the expansion of social media and the modern deluge of information, individuals are becoming more and more selective with the information they spend time viewing.  As a result, it’s important for companies to know what kind of content to post, not only make their presence acknowledged but also appreciated in the realm of social media.

Share Eye Catching Photos

The most straightforward tool for catching your fans’ attention is to post photos on your facebook timeline.  Scrolling through their news feeds, pictures are likely the first thing that fans will notice and they are often the most captivating and enjoyable content they will end up seeing as well.

This National Geographic photo garnered over a 100,000 likes and 3,000 comments, not to mention nearly 30,000 shares.  Another effective element with this type of photo is including a shortened link that provides fans with .

Example of Good Facebook Photo

Ask Your Fans Questions

If you really want fans to respond to your posts why don’t you ask them to?  Posting relevant content to your page and then asking them about their views and opinions is one of the simplest methods for encouraging users to comment on your content and improve your social media optimization.

Start a Contest on Your Page

People often have a much higher probability of participating in your posts if there is a chance of them winning something for their engagement.  Below is an example of a contest for a small California based clothing company that yielded almost 70 comments.

Example of Good Facebook Photo Caption Post

Share Unique and Insightful Tips

If you have a facebook page for some type of organization or business, you more than likely posses a unique view into your particular industry that others can find useful. Taking the time to share insights or suggest things that will make other users lives easier is often appreciated.

Share Your Favorite Quotes

People are more likely to stop and read a quote not only because quotes are  succinct but also because people identify with quotes as a way summarizing and solidifying their own beliefs and values.  They’re also considered useful for helping people improve their attitudes and perspectives for the better.

Use Fill in the Blanks and Photo Captions

Fill in the blanks and photo captions are also an effective resource to encourage involvement and help to create a fun, entertaining atmosphere for your fans.  Below is an effective post from one of our smaller clients soliciting captions from fans.

Example of Good Facebook Photo Caption

Posting successful content to facebook doesn’t necessarily require impressive resources and hours of thought.  Rather, it’s often just a matter of thinking ahead and merely staying on the lookout for relevant and interesting content that will keep followers engaged and excited about your brand.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director