Many know that in order to claim a business on Google Places for Business, it would be ideal to have a real business office at a real physical location. But in some businesses customers don’t ever go to the business; the business comes to them. For instance, a plumber doesn’t have an office where customers can come to see them. Instead, the plumber goes to see the customers. In the plumber’s case, how can he claim his business on Google Local without even having a business office?

Virtual Office Listings

Well fortunately for the plumber, he or she can use their home address or a virtual office to claim on Google Places for Business. According to Darren Shaw, one of the brightest minds in Local SEO and founder of Whitespark, this would be a perfectly legitimate office for business use for a plumber.

Going on to the question of whether a virtual office is okay to claim on Google Places for Business, Darren Shaw a Local SEO training video explaining how okay virtual office listings are on Google Local. In the video, Darren explains that there are so many legitimate businesses that operate out of a virtual office that it is not something that Google can tear down.

Potential Writing on the Wall

Darren also gives us something to look out for, yet still stands by his strong belief. He says that virtual offices may potentially lower your test score a little bit, and there is the potential in the future for Google to take a stronger stance on them. The ideal would be to have a real office. But right now virtual offices are working; the question is just whether there is writing on the wall for them. But Darren strongly affirms that he does not see the virtual office ever being taken down by Google. “There are just too many legitimate businesses that operate that way.”

Dealing with a Virtual Office Listing

What do you think about virtual office listings? Do you think they will be able to stay on Google Local, or will they eventually be taken down? Watch the 5-minute video below and let me know what you think.



Austin Lund