Different social media platformsFacebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Google+. Need we go on?

There are more social media platforms than I care to count. It’s almost overwhelming. Some companies might wonder if it’s worth the hassle, wouldn’t it be better if they just chose a platform and stuck with it?

In a word: NO!!!

Here are 4 reasons why you should diversify.

#1 Reach Different People

There is not one universally accepted form of social media. Sure, there are tens of millions (or over a billion in Facebook’s case) of people who use social media, but different people use different platforms and by projecting your brand to different sites you will reach more people. Plain and simple.

#2 Guard Against Unexpected Changes

MyspaceSocial media is ever-changing. Many companies were hit hard by Facebook’s recent algorithm changes as organic reach plummeted. If a company had invested time and money solely into Facebook (which I’m sure many did) they would still be reeling from the blow. What happens when the social media sites we know and love become *gasp* obsolete? It could happen and in time it will. I’m sure we all remember Myspace which at it’s peak had 100 million global users. They are still around, but the tides have turned and their time has passed.

#3 Convey Different Aspects of your Brand

Different social media platforms focus on different things. Which one suits your brand best? To play by Google’s rules and boost your SEO use Google+. For instantaneous news use Twitter. For short videos consider Vine and for longer videos use YouTube. Social media can be the canvas on which you paint the face of your brand, how do you want to be seen? For more tips on properly representing your brand read A Business Facebook Page that us Ready for Success.

#4 Increase Awareness

Ads that are run on social media sites are almost always cheaper than PPC campaigns, use this to your advantage. If your company is new and growing than use different social media platforms to generate buzz and awareness. Different demographics and psychographics use different sites, who do you want to be aware of your new products or services?

A Word of Caution…

Do not use every social media platform that is out there. You’ll spend time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Your target market should not be every living creature on the planet. If it is — shame on you, do more market research. Who are the people who buy your products? Who uses your services? What social media sites are they on? This should be a major consideration when determining what to use and what to set aside for now.

If the difficult decision of which platforms to use still seems intimidating, contact us here at Big Leap and we would be happy to help. We have a social media team that can assist you in getting the most out of each platform to build your brand online.


By Cameron Dunn

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director