Once again, as I do my personal research, trying to improve my own SEO knowlege, I will share some of the things I thought were interesting and could help you too. Mostly When I come across something I didn’t know before, I like to share those things with all you good people.

Lately I’ve been looking into how to improve eCommerce sites.  Especially when it comes to SEO.  As it turns out, most of the things you can do to improve your site are pretty similar to those you would normally do with any SEO campaign.  So, let’s get into the tips to improve your site and I’ll go into explaining how exactly they need to happen when you’re working with an eCommerce business.

URL Structure

As with pretty much any other page on your site, you want to make sure your product pages have good URL structure. Say you were selling a Sherlock Holmes DVD. You would not want the URL to be something like “” Bad Idea. You’d want something more like “” Make sure you remember to use keywords.

301 Redirects

When you are selling things online, products usually have their own pages. But, sometimes an item goes out of stock or you don’t sell that product anymore. The point is, pages get removed pretty often. So, when a visitor tries to go to a deleted link, you need to make sure you have a 301 redirect to point them back in the right direction.

This is ofcourse just the begining of my look into eCommerce. Next week I will go quite in depth about Search-Friendly Navigation Structure. Please leave your thoughts on the matter in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Renjith Krishnan

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director