For safe packing and shipping you’ll need a box big enough to hold the MacBook contents, including accessories, and plenty of protective cushioning. We recommend at least an inch or two of space around each side of the contents and the shipping box you use to allow for bubble-wrap or other protective material.

Assuming you have the original box and accessories:

  • MacBook Pro 13” weighs about 4 lbs, 12 oz. The original box measures about 13.0” x 9.5” x 2.2”.
  • MacBook Pro 15” weighs about 6 lbs, 3 oz. The original box measures about 15.5” x 11.0” x 2.2”.

Even though the 15 inch MacBook Pro is a few inches bigger than the 13 inch both are well accommodated by the same size shipping box. A 17” x 13” x 5” box is just about perfect for shipping the laptop, original box, and plenty of bubble-wrap cushioning material.