Integrated Marketing

At Big Leap, we don’t just view ourselves as service providers. We view ourselves as partners in growing your business. Because of this, we have a holistic view of digital marketing and combine a variety of strategies in order to help you meet your goals. This allows us to give you sophisticated data and analytics across all campaigns, and most importantly provides you with a killer ROI.

Make the most out of your investment in SEO, PPC, and content marketing by integrating them into a comprehensive digital strategy. We have seen great success in integrating campaigns for everyone from small businesses, to enterprise companies with their own in-house team. To learn more about how Big Leap can be your partner in digital marketing, contact us today for a free proposal.

How SEO & PPC Work Together

Many people divide their digital marketing efforts into completely separate paid media and organic search campaigns. But by ignoring how paid media and organic search interacts, you miss out on valuable insights that could significantly impact both strategies. By approaching paid and organic campaigns as a joint effort, you can discover additional keywords to bid on, optimize presence on high-value queries, and measure changes holistically.

At Big Leap, we encourage our clients to partner with us for both organic search and paid media campaigns so that we can better optimize both campaigns and provide more significant insights in our reporting.

How SEO & Content Marketing Work Together

While many people claim that content marketing is the new SEO, we know that SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Our digital marketing campaigns involve elements of both technical optimization and content creation.

When it comes to creative content campaigns, we have the expertise to make your a content a success from start to finish. Not only do we know how to make great content, we also know how to effectively promote and distribute it in order to build organic, high-quality links. When optimizing your site, we combine our technical expertise with engaging, high-conversion content that will naturally help your site’s rankings. In all of our content and optimization efforts, we work closely with your team to craft the right message for your brand.

How PPC & Content Marketing Work Together

While it’s rarely discussed, paid media and content marketing both benefit one another. From a content marketing perspective, a small investment in paid media and PPC can go a long way in improving the reach of your campaign. If you’ve spent weeks or months creating an awesome content asset, it only makes sense to back it up by targeting interested audiences. Paid media can also help your outreach, as you can target media influencers to improve the chances of your content being picked up by a major news outlet. You can even measure the success of your content among certain audiences using the analytics from a paid campaign.

From a paid media perspective, great content is essential to attracting your audience’s attention. Because ads are shown to people who aren’t actively searching for your content, you need something that will stand out from the crowd. Great content is also really beneficial in retargeting efforts. An engaging white paper, eBook, or webinar can help convert a website visitor into a solid lead or even a customer.

Partner with Big Leap for both paid media and content marketing to make the most out of both campaigns.