Multilocation digital marketing

The Project

Cascade Collision is a well-respected, multi-location auto body repair shop located in Utah. With established facilities in Lehi, Orem, and Provo, Cascade looked to grow their footprint by opening a new location in Park City. Cascade Collision knew that they needed to provide search engine visibility and lead flow for their new location while maintaining strong lead volume for their established locations.

Cascade Collision already had a strong digital presence and was not new to search engine marketing or working with digital marketing vendors. In addition to website traffic and lead flow, Cascade Collision’s ownership was also looking to gain additional insights from their SEM campaign performance. To help them execute these initiatives, Cascade Collision partnered with Big Leap to handle their technical SEO, local SEO, link building, and paid media advertising.

The Strategy

With Cascade Collision’s help, Big Leap was able to identify five key initiatives necessary to bring the desired results. These initiatives varied in complexity as well as resources and time required. To ensure campaign success, the following initiatives were prioritized and assigned to members of Big Leap’s team.

  • Mobile responsive: Improve the website visitor’s mobile experience by rebuilding the site to be fully mobile responsive
  • Lead tracking: Provide more insight into what channels are performing by implementing call tracking on all phone calls and improving how form submissions were tracked
  • Link building: Build overall site authority by obtaining relevant links
  • Content marketing: Increase organic search engine traffic and brand social media content by producing relevant blog content
  • PPC Remarketing: Decrease the cost of PPC leads by optimizing search and remarketing advertisements
"We have been so impressed with Big Leap and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a great well-maintained website, top search engine rankings, and a well-written updated blogs."
Haley Sanderson
Business Development Director

The Results

By working with Cascade Collision on the outlined initiatives, Big Leap was able to bring Cascade tremendous results in key areas of traffic, leads, and transparency. 

First, as a result of Big Leap’s technical SEO, local SEO, and link building efforts, Cascade Collision saw a 96.62% increase in Year-Over-Year sessions and a 102.51% increase in New Users. These efforts also yielded an improvement in rankings: 100% of tracked keywords rank on page one of Google search engine results with 90% of keywords ranking in positions 1 through 3.

organic traffic growth for multilocation business

Second, as part of improving the website visitor’s mobile experience, the website’s site architecture was restructured to place greater emphasis on their individual locations. The improved user flow led to the following results when comparing KPIs from November 2015 to November 2016.

  • 24% conversion rate (up 173%)
  • 103% total increase in phone calls for all locations

With these important changes to their site and key Google AdWords campaign optimizations, Cascade Collision’s paid media Cost-Per-Lead dropped below $10.

AdWords Cost-Per-Lead


Third, by implementing CallRail call tracking and setting up accurate goal and event tracking inside of Google Analytics, Big Leap was able to improve overall campaign transparency. As such, Cascade has been able to evaluate which marketing channels provide the best results for their business and have entrusted Big Leap the ability to explore, develop, and execute on new initiatives to keep Cascade’s business growing.

Callrail Call Tracking

Of the experience of working with Big Leap, Cascade Collision’s Business Development Director, Haley Sanderson, said “Since we started working with Big Leap not only has our business picked up, but our workload has lightened. They take care of everything promised and never miss deadlines. Their team is very responsive and always go above and beyond to show me they care for the well-being of our company. We have been so impressed with Big Leap and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a great well-maintained website, top search engine rankings, and a well written updated blogs.”

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