We all know and love YouTube as our favorite place to watch videos online of just about anything we can imagine. It has everything from sports highlights, to live music, to entire videos dedicated to people falling down.

YouTube has long been the most popular destination for people to upload their favorite home videos, and some people have even made a career out of doing so. Earlier today YouTube has even expanded its service with a new app designed to help capture those moments worth sharing.

It’s called YouTube Capture and is only available on iOS. To explain it simply, Capture is an app that records video for you and easily interfaces with YouTube to make uploading to the main site a breeze. The app even allows you to do some simple video editing and customization before uploading.

YouTube Made Simple

Capture YouTube videos directly from you iPhone.While the new app doesn’t do anything revolutionary, it certainly streamlines the process of posting new content to YouTube. Other video capture apps might require a few additional steps to get your content online.

This will be especially useful to the average person just looking to share certain moments with their family and friends. Other users with bigger budgets might not see much use for the app, as they probably weren’t recording content on their phone in the first place.

So what type of business could make use of the new app? This could be perfect for a smaller company just looking to increase their exposure by creating short, simple videos on a low budget.

A simple video recording app that easily uploads to YouTube is ideal for creating something like product reviews or testimonials. Videos like that won’t require heavy editing and can provide some much needed content for your brand.

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