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Apple is at it again. With a sleek new interface for their operating systems and some all new innovations for their hardware, this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote address has generated a lot of buzz in the tech world.

What’s New?

The company detailed 3 major software updates and 2 major changes to the look and function of some of their hardware.

MacBook Air 

Let’s start with the new line of MacBook Air notebooks. The battery life for both the 11 and the 13 inch models has been extended by at least 4 hours and the new processors are designed to increase speed while conserving energy, which also adds to the battery life of the computer.  Other updates include better wi-fi speeds and an upgrade to faster flash storage.

Mac Pro

The list of specs for Apple‘s new pro desktop is too long to do it much justice in just a paragraph. Suffice it to say that this machine is a beast. The sleek and brand new cylindrical design places state of the art graphics (Dual GPUs that can support up to THREE 4K displays!) and processing technology around a thermal core that distributes the heat evenly and is cooled by a single fan at the top of the machine.

OS X Mavericks

OS X gets a face-lift with the company’s newest installment, Mavericks.  iBooks comes to OS X along with a new look and user experience for Maps, Calendar, and Safari, while new innovations allow the OS to intelligently optimize energy and memory usage.  Updates to cloud interactions provide streamlined cross-platform communication.  Both an improved design for multiple displays and the addition of  document tags, which allow for improved organization, garnered loud applause from the conference audience.

iTunes Radio

Apple‘s answer to Pandora and Spotify is finally here.  Currently available only in the U.S. this app is what you have come to expect from music streaming apps. Available on all your apple devices, iTunes Radio is ad free for any iTunes Match subscribers.


This unveil was the most highly anticipated one of the day. With a completely redesigned look and brand new features, this iOS is already generating a lot of social media chatter. Designers hoped to simplify and streamline the user interface while improving functionality.

Multitasking capabilities, Control Center, Air Drop, and photo organization properties are all new with this iOS while everything from icons to mail, calendar, and weather apps are getting a sleek and simplified re-design.

What Does This Mean For You?

Technology is constantly changing and the speed of change is increasing every day. Updates like these will change everything from the future of web design to how we interact with others via social media and the web.

These updates will not be available to the public until later this year so, while they may not effect you immediately, the implementation of new technology has and always will effect the way we interact in the future. The best way to stay on top is to be informed and stay ahead.

photo credit: Javier Domínguez FerreiroCompudemanojustMONT via photopin cc

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