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So you’ve created a social media presence with your business, you post valuable content daily, and you always respond to your viewers. But you can’t seem to increase your page likes, followers, or circles. You are frustrated and losing hope. What is the “x-factor” you’re missing?? Let me tell you what can make such a significant difference you will be wondering, “how could I have possibly missed out on this my entire social media life?!”

The answer is simply this: PAID ADS. Paid Ads

Paid ads are simply a targeted ad on a social media platform (such as Facebook or Twitter) that will drive traffic to your site. (Note: Not to be mistaken with paying for followers.) So how could this possibly help your already hard efforts? Paid social media ads show up on a potential fan’s news feed, capture their attention, and bring them to your page and/or site whereas they may not have found it without that ad. Keep in mind, this will not only positively affect your page likes but increase business because the ads are targeted, meaning they are searching for what you are providing.

I cannot emphasize the importance of these ads enough. For example, a recent client had not yet invested in social media ads and the organic work that was being done was only gaining about 1 like every few days. Then I was given the go ahead to put some money and effort into some Facebooks ads. They began on a Friday and when I came in on Monday their likes had more than DOUBLED over the weekend.

Now this will not always be the case but ads will almost always have a positive impact on your social media platforms if targeted correctly. Also, I’m not saying to drop all of your other ad investments because you should never have all your eggs in one basket. But I would highly recommend finding some funds for some social media ads if you really want to see these platforms make a difference.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director