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If you’re in charge of your company’s Facebook page, you may have noticed some changes recently. For the last week or two the site has been unrolling a new look for business pages, which according to Facebook is meant to help people quickly find the tools and information they use most often. As a fan of simplicity and minimalism, I admit that I like the new page layout. Apart from personal preference however, why does it matter to you?

Facebook Layout



The following are some of the most important changes to be aware of and how they might affect how you run your page.

  • Single column format: On the right side of the page you will notice there is now only one column for page posts. No more looking back and forth on the timeline, which could at times be confusing or annoying.
  • Left-side column: This is where you will find business information, including maps, hours of business, contact information, website URL, photos, videos, page likes, etc. Take this as an opportunity to review this information and make sure it’s all up to date.
  • Apps: Your apps haven’t disappeared, they simply moved down the page and the left-side column. As an admin you can rearrange their order of appearance.
  • Easier access to admin tools: At the top right corner of your page you will find a box titled “This Week”. You can see your overall page likes for the week, post reach, as well as ads you are running. Clicking on any of these numbers gives you more information.
  • Pages to Watch: Admins will have access to this tool in Page Insights. It allows you to create a list of pages similar to your own and compare how your pages performance stacks up against them. It could be used to showcase partners or demonstrate that you’re better then competitors. If you are added to someone else’s list you will be notified but not told the name of the page that added you.

It’s still unclear what the exact impact of these new features will have on social media marketing. These are fresh changes and many admins are still getting used to them. Feedback is only starting to trickle in. Facebook’s goal with this update is to facilitate greater efficiency, and we hope that’s what it does.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director