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With a more rapid and chaotic evolution than apple products, social media is new; and it’s changing.

We recognize the growing import of social media for everyone: lay people to corporations and celebrities to politicians. Since we see this, we know that the future of social media affects such a massive and diverse group- a group that wants to know what’s coming.

We can’t tell the future any better than we can tell the weather (we’re an internet marketing company), but we are going to make some predictions about the way we’re going to treat social media in the near future:

  • Social media is going to continue to become less social. We all recognize the marketing opportunities social media presents. Corporations and civilians alike. That means we’re all starting to act accordingly: utilizing social media for our companies and clients and blocking acquaintances and companies that we don’t want to hear from.
  • Social media is going to get more competitive. With more social media sites hitting it big, they’re all starting to look for the latest edge. Additionally, competition will climb for holding power between users. Everyone wants to be on top, to have the opportunity for a mass audience.
  • Social Media Bandwagon

  • Social media is going to be more restricted in the workplace. Your employer will ban, and probably already has banned, use of your personal social media accounts. They are starting to recognize how distracting social media can be. They’re paying for your time, and they want to have as much of it as they can get.
  • Social media is going to be more encouraged in the workplace. No, this isn’t contradictory. Your employer probably wants you to use your extensive knowledge of social media to further their own reach. You may already be working on the company blog or other social media account.
  • Social media is going to tell people who you are before you know them. It’s already being used as part of the screening process for new hires and releases within many corporations. Make sure your photos, screen name, posts, and updates are all business appropriate and reasonably professional. The number one thing companies look for/worry about in social media is employees and prospective employees talking bad about the company. This concern even trumps fowl language and risque photos.
Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director