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Keywords hold significant importance in the SEO world. They are a big part of how people find your website. As a user you type in what you are looking for and Google finds it for you using the keywords found in your search.

This search process is part of the reason why it’s important to use different variations of your keywords. Just like how no two snowflakes are alike everyone one searches for things a little differently.  So as a website owner you want to make sure you are not using the same version of your keyword all the time, in order to obtain the most traffic to your site as possible.

The world of SEOIf your keyword is “search engine optimization” for example you want to make sure you can get results when people search for “SEO” as well. Some ways to do this are switching words around, making your keyword plural, adding in relevant words, using a similar word or using acronyms these are simple and easy but can make big difference.

An example of this is when I had a history project in high school where I was working with my friend researching Al Capone. We used Google to look for information. We were searching for the same thing but went about doing it differently. I would search for something like “History of Al Capone” and she would search for “life of Al Capone” We ended up with different results based on the way we phrased our search.

So when you are linking you want to make sure that you are using keyword variations in your anchor text. This helps you to show up in more searches than just for your original keyword.

A natural-looking link profile is another reason to find alternative keywords to use. It doesn’t look natural to Google to use one keyword in the exact same way in all of your links. That being said, if it doesn’t look natural you might get penalized for it and as a result have your site rank decrease. This is probably the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish if you are link building.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director