Twitter Predicts Peyton’s Future

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The trending topic in the sports world this week has been the firing of NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. After 4 MVP awards, 2 Super bowl appearances, and 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts an agreement for a contract negotiation could not be made and thus resulted in the free agency of the star quarterback. Manning has been a fan-favorite and the image of the Colts for years now and many followers expressed their concern and love for Manning through social media.

Twitter Followers React

Within an hour of the announcement of Manning’s release from the Colts, Peyton Manning’s name had been mentioned in tweets 48,147 times.  Out of those, according to Fizzology, a twitter post analyzer, 52% of those tweets expressed anger at the firing of Manning, 27% felt negatively about the decision, and 21% mentioned the poor character of the Indianopolis Colts’ team owner Jim Isray for letting the franchise icon go.

While the official press conference, which turned extremely emotional for Peyton Manning and fans, simmered down some of the anger from Colts fans and NFL followers, angry tweets have continued since last week’s announcement.  Many predict that distaste will continue to breed between the franchise and its fans.

Prospective Peyton

The big question now is, where does Peyton end up next year?  According to post-presser Twitter stats, Manning will either be wearing a New York Jets jersey or maybe even a Miami Dolphins uniform.  As much as social media attempts to predict this stars future, only time will tell.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director