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Pope and Twitter

After Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected as Pope Francis, the twitter universe was all a blaze.  In fact, this was the second most tweeted subject in the history of twitter with over 7 million tweets about the papacy.  Pope Francis is fluent in English, Italian, French, German and his native language of Spanish, and being such will have a huge reach to tweeters all over the world.

This new excitement has got everyone joining Twitter to hear the words of the Pope.  Pope Francis went from having virtually no followers, before becoming Pope, to now almost 4 million follows with an average of 200,000 new followers every day.

Changes We May See

So why would this be important to the Social Media world? First let’s look at some demographics.  Starting in April of 2010 we only saw about 4% of tweets in Spanish.  This number rose to 8% in October of 2011.

Twitter Over Capacity Next, look at the importance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio become the Pope.  He is both the first South American Pope and the first native Spanish speaker to become Pope.  This is really big for Latin America which has maintained a primarily Catholic population for hundreds of years.

With these two factors combined, I predict that we will see a huge surge in the Latin American presence in the Social Media world.  That means that if you are trying to target the Latin American population for a product, then now you will have more ability than ever to reach them through Social Media.

The marketing world is expanding and you do not want to miss the wonderful opportunities that come with it.  From @Pontifex to I #StandWithRand, everything effects Social Media!


Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine via photopin and The Star-Ledger Photo Desk via NJ

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director