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Yes, they all mean “tweet.” Turkish, Russian, and Indonesian are the latest languages in which Twitter will be available. In a campaign to introduce their services even more internationally, Twitter has solicited help from their online community to translate their website, not the actual Tweets themselves.

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The universality of Twitter

Over the past six years of Twitter’s existence, French, Italian, German, and even Korean have become options for the Twitter community. Now, the social media giant has created a volunteer-based system of bilinguals to enhance the content and improve the Twitter experience. What a better way to “give back” to the online community than to sign up yourself?

Within this new translation center, users can sign up and begin translating immediately. Commenting on posts and tagging specific phrases are only a few of the tasks included in this effort. The Twitter representatives over the translation effort have also set up their own account, @translator, to answer any questions about the process.

So, if you aren’t quite satisfied with simply Tweeting about yourself, and you consider yourself bilingually-inclined, create a translation account! Although it is a somewhat intriguing claim-to-fame to say that you helped launch Twitter internationally, I imagine it would be a fabulous resumé item. And for all of those solely-English speakers who are dying to be a part of this movement, @translator: Do you need any help with the English version?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director