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Anyone interested in SEO at all, needs to stay up to date on the character length allotted for each Search Engine is accepting for titles and description.  This is important because of their ranking factor of your website.  And remember, characters include spaces.

So here’s the update list: Title and Description Length: allows 69 characters for a title and does not use a description.    Instead it pulls roughly 312 character from content on your site.

Bing Title and Description Length: Bing allows 65 characters for a title and up to 150 for the description.  However, sometimes Bing will show roughly a few more characters than it says it will.

Google Title and Description Length: The infamous Google allows 69 characters for the title and up to 156 characters for the description.

and last but not least…

Yahoo Title and Description Length: It appears that Yahoo allows 72 characters for the title and up to 161 for the description.

Save these numbers in your heart and mind…until they are again updated and more importantly USE them.  Following these simple character title and description lengths is an easy way to move up in the rankings.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director