The "Like" Button

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The "Like" ButtonAs Facebook has continued to develop over the years, new features have been incorporated into the experience, making the social site one of the most well known and widely used. One such feature is the “Like” button.

Users of the social media site are familiar with the newsfeed. When a Facebook user logs in to the site, they are met by a long list of posts that tells them what their friends have been doing on the site.

Some of these posts are status updates, while others are links to other websites or links to the Facebook pages of companies or organizations they have “liked”. The reason behind this feature is that the user has interests in common with his friends.

The "Like" Button

Indeed, users who frequently utilize the site to keep in touch with their friends are more likely to follow the links in the posts. Such behavior leads to an increase in traffic to those sites.

According to Facebook, many sites have seen an increase of over one-hundred percent. The number of visitors to the sites has more than doubled.

Wouldn’t you want your company’s site to enjoy similar success? There are a few things you can do to increase the probability of a Facebook user clicking through to a link that appears in a post on his newsfeed.

The first thing to do is to enable the “like” button, either on your company’s Facebook page (if you have one) or on your company’s site. When someone clicks on that button, a post is automatically put onto the newsfeed of each of his friends.

The next thing to do is place the button in a good location. Putting it in an obscure, uninteresting area will not increase traffic to your site.

Put the button in a place that will inspire the person to “like” your page or site. Posting interesting, compelling, relevant material on your page or site will improve the chances of a user visiting it and clicking that button.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director