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How Does PPC Work with My SEO Strategy?

Paid Search and organic search engine optimization are sometimes viewed as two completely different practices. While that might technically be true, it’s good to remember just how entwined they are with each other. PPC and SEO are less like partners in your marketing family and more like siblings or even congenital twins! The yin to […]

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5 Steps to a Successful Reconsideration Request

Watching your website drop from Google’s SERPS can be frustrating at best and job ending at worst.  If such is the case there a good chance that you have an excess of poor links across the web pointing to your website.  While spam in any form is  a bad decision, with the continuous updates to […]

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How to setup Google Authorship

A great way to bring attention and traffic to your blog is through setting up a Google Authorship. What this does is connects your Google Plus profile with your blog. It’s really an easy thing to do but it’s usefulness will go a long way. Here’s some easy steps:

Step 1
This should go without saying but […]

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How to Use Google + for SEO

In my blog post last week, I discussed the benefits of using Google + for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I promised that I would write a post this week about HOW to use Google + for SEO, so here you go!

As Social Media continues to develop and dominate the internet, we are seeing a greater […]

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SEO Benefits of Google +

Although Google has specifically stated that +1’s on Google + have no impact on search rankings,  there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a strong Google + presence significantly impacts SEO efforts. If you are a small business owner seeking to maximize the reach of your brand and increase traffic to your website, optimizing […]

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Can nofollow Hurt Your Website?

For those unfamiliar with nofollow it is a tag you place on links that removes them from Google’s link graph. Google’s crawlers will ignore the link you have placed and won’t collect information to be passed into PageRank.  Nofollow is generally used on your external links when you feel a site is untrustworthy.  It allows […]

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2 Ways To Improve Your Google Product Listing Ad Campaign

Google shopping is now one of the most successful shopping engines out there today.  How can you make the absolute most out of it?  These are some tips to get your conversion rates up for your product listing ads.
Do it Google’s Way
Make sure you are following Google’s specifications when you set up and maintain your […]

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Does Guest Blogging Have a Future?

To give you the short answer, yes, guest blogging most definitely has a future in the SEO world.  However, your particular style of guest blogging may not.
Dangerous Updates?
Google continues to dominate the search engine business.  They do this by providing the best search experience possible for its users.  Google wants to continue their reign and […]

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How to Create a Valuable Guest Blog Post


Guest Blogging provides one of the safest and worthwhile link building activities in your SEO tool belt.  However, just like tools, Guest blog-posts vary in quality.  You need to make sure that yours are of such quality that they will be valuable to your website for years to come.  A mechanic certainly does not want […]

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Things to Avoid with eCommerce Websites

When you’re fist setting up your website, you may think you can just post all sorts of products and search engine traffic will just come rolling in.  Well, while it is good to have lots of products, you also need to get some optimization in.

Unfortunately, Optimization for eCommerce sites can be  a bit harder than […]

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