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Global Internet Slowdown: Anonymous Takes Credit

Is your internet unusually slow today?  Anonymous, a loosely knit group of internet hacktivists, are claiming credit for a huge cyber-attack against 500 Chinese government websites—ultimately influencing sluggish internet speeds all across the globe.  Who knows how they did it, but Anonymous hacked through the great firewall of China.

According to the monitoring website Internet Traffic […]

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Facebook Timeline Is Here

After the initial announcement of Facebook’s new feature “Timeline” at Facebook’s f8 Conference, in early September, users have been awaiting when their profile pages will yet again be restructured. This rollout is starting in New Zealand, and will supposedly be an option for the U.S. very soon.
User Reactions
While Mark Zuckerberg believes that this online virtual […]

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London Riots Organized Online

Two Britons were given jail time this week for organizing the London riots. And how did they organize such chaos? They used Facebook.

While this is both a surprising and an obvious answer, this has caused many to recognize the methods that technology and social networking sites are being used for criminal activity. After all, 20 […]

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Hackers Strike Again

What do the CIA, Sony, the U.S. Senate, Nintendo, and the Syrian Ministry of Defense all have in common? Well, their websites have all been hacked in the past few months.

The group responsible for the majority of the attacks, Lulz Security, opposes the computer security industry. They disrupted many corporations as well as local and […]

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How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing is the natural evolution of the services that are provided by the Internet. The ability to use the cloud network as a service is something that is still in development, but it remains as one of the most promising new ways to innovate online and allow greater access to vital Internet services.
What It […]

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Around the Globe: Internet Regulation

Several events within the past year show us that Internet usage is a privilege, not a right. Citizens of Egypt, for example, were completely denied Internet access during a series of protests in early 2011. Not only did this cut them off from communicating with family and friends around the country and the globe, but […]

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Internet: Human Rights Necessity

In a move establishing historical global precedent, the UN and the EU have both recently announced that Internet access is a fundamental human right, that cannot be denied under any circumstances.

The organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the UN have both declared that Internet access is a human right in the last […]

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Top Level Domain Names

What is the value of having a top level domain name? The most common TLD is .com. People usually perceive sites that have a “dot com” domain ending to be the most authoritative, as it is usually a sign of quality web hosting. Despite this, after ICANN’s new changes to TDL regulations, a revolution of […]

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Facebook Reunites Pets With Their Lost Humans After Australia Floods

Thanks to some clever Facebookers, many pets have been reunited with their lost humans after Australia’s devastating floods earlier this year.

The floods caused massive evacuations and billions of dollars’ worth of damage (an insurance company’s nightmare), leaving many people and pets homeless. While most people were able to evacuate, many of their animals weren’t so […]

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Google's Panda Update 2.2

We recently wrote a post about Google’s panda update. Over the past several weeks, SEO practitioners and webmasters alike have been complaining that Google has done evil with the panda update. Sure, it got rid of a lot of low-quality content and pushed spammy sites off the first page, but there are still reports that […]

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