Page Speed

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So if you remember, back in November we were hearing rumors that Google was considering using page speed as a factor for its Search Engine ranking algorithm. And Last month Google did just that.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make sure your website is the fastest loading website. You just have to make sure it makes the cut.

So how can you find out if your website is loading too slow? Lucky for us, the same time Google decided to use page speed as a ranking, they also launched a new site perfomance tool, as part of the Webmaster Tools suite which can help you with this exact thing (of course).

However, if you would prefer to not use Google itself to help you rank in their SE, then you can use Firefox’s Add-on Page Speed, Yahoo’s YSlow, and WebPagetest.

Here’s one tip that comes to mind for increasing page speed:
* * Always use CSS for design. Never use Flash.**

Do you have any suggestions for speeding up your page?

One of multiple free website speed test:

check out your website’s speed and make sure it is up to par for your SEO.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director