Apple announced the New iPhone 4s at their conference yesterday.  While many fans were expecting more from the Apple conference because of rumors, the iPhone 4s is a great product which provides an upgrade from the iPhone 4.

new iphone 4sThe biggest addition to the new iPhone  has to be Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.  Now it is possible to talk to your phone and have it obey.  There is no special language that must be learned to communicate with the phone.  Siri is smart and interprets the commands that it receives.

Advertised is that someone can ask Siri what the weather is like, or will I need an umbrella and it will tell give the weather forecast.  A short commercial like video shows you the capabilities that the iPhone 4s will have.

The camera on the iPhone 4s has also improved.  It has 8-megapixel resolution and is capable of video recording in 1080p HD.  Phones are taken everywhere which means that it is not necessary to take cameras because the iPhone is a great one.  Capturing moments in high quality wherever you are.

It is also possible to use cloud computing with the iPhone 4s freeing up more storage space on the iPhone.  The processor is also faster and many other features are added.

Those with Sprint can also now own an iPhone.  The iPhone 4s price will start at $199.00 for the 16 GB version, $299.00 for the 32 GB, and $399.00 for the 64 GB.

It looks like Steve Jobs resignation didn’t slow Apple down.  With all the improvements already made to become the iPhone 4s, one has to wonder what the iPhone 5 will be able to do when it comes out.

Rob Hughes
Paid Search Analyst
Rob Hughes is a Paid Search Analyst at Big Leap who enjoys the creative aspect of online paid advertising. In his free time, Rob is a 3x Intramural Champion, a 17x Intramural Loser, and an avid climber of local mountains.