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New Google Places Page PostGoogle, the ever changing and ever reforming entity, has just released a new tool for optimizing you local listings in the map section. This addition makes optimizing your listing now even more obtainable and yet requires more frequent and regular work.

The new Google Places page post allows your company to post relevant information about your company on your map listing. It is very similar to a tweet or a facebook status update. However, Google is very specifically looking for details about upcoming events, specials, and information about new products.

Unlike Twitter, Google Places page post allows for 20 more characters in its post, which gives your 160 characters to work with overall. This is just enough info to captivate the audience and hopefully to captivate the crawler.

I am not yest quite sure whether keywords in this update will be useful or not, but my guess is that if you can fit in your location or keywords ever, that will be beneficial to ranking. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the more regular your update schedule is, the better your ranking is with Google’s new timely ranking factor.

So, get posting! And make sure to keep the information relevant and current.

This new tool is located above your business information in your Google Places account. I wouldn’t be shocked if other large local listing centers follow along soon.

As of now, customers cannot comment on these posts, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if in the near future customers could comment on your posts (kind of like in facebook).

I believe Google’s new Places Page Post is the way of the future for the map section of local listings, so I highly recommend starting today!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director