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Last week I talked about two concepts to make your eCommerce page more SEO friendly; URL structure and 301 Redirects.
This week I want to get a little more in depth and talk about the actual structure of your page’s internal search engine.  Let’s compare a visit to your page to a visit to a regular market like Walmart.


You’re at Walmart.  You walk in the doors, grab your cart and look at your shopping list.  The first thing on the list is Milk.
Where do you go for the milk?  Do you just wander around the store until you find it?  No, you go straight to the dairy section.
you knew where to go because milk is categorized as dairy and is with all it’s dairy buddies.  Same thing applies to your online store.
Make sure to use category search and search filtration.  It only makes the experience easier for the customer but also is great for SEO.

Auto Suggestions

When you get your milk at the Dairy section of the store, of course, all the other dairy products are there as well.  If you are like me, you also may spot some cheese or yogurt and pick them up even if they weren’t on your original shopping list.  You want your site’s visitors to have a similar experience.  Implement auto suggestions based on keywords used in their searches and purchases.

Intelligent Search

Every once in a while I’ve had to ask a Walmart employee to help me find something in the store.  Some times I don’t actually know how to pronounce it or even know what it is called.  I end up having to describe what I’m looking for to the employee.  Luckily though, most of the time they can figure out what I was asking them about and help me find it.  Now, chances are, when someone searches for something on your site, they may spell a thing or two incorrectly.  That’s why you need to implement an Intelligent search to cover their misspellings, singulars or plurals etc.

Making the search part of their experience will make visitors’ experiences much greater while improving your SEO at the same time.  Again, I’ll be writing more next week so tune in.  Please be sure to comment and share your thoughts as well.

Photo Credit: Lisbokt


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director