Keyword ResearchAs SEO specialists, we are always on the lookout for new ways to find high converting keywords for our clients. But, there’s a problem, until now, we haven’t had a software for finding new emerging keywords that convert. Google Insights for Search is the perfect solution to this old SEO problem.

Google Insights for Search provides a lot of great information when it comes to finding new emerging or “breakout” keywords. Here are a few simple steps you can take, as a SEO specialist, to find new converting keywords for your clients and their businesses.

Enter a keyword

After you enter a keyword(s) and hit search, you are given a variety of important information on the keyword you entered. You are instantly provided with search trends and volume, top rising searches, relevant news, and even geographical data.

Click on a relevant keyword

Now that you’ve got all that great data in front of you, the sky is the limit; experiment with everything you can, and have fun search through all of that great data. If you want to find new converting keywords, click on one of the keywords in the “top searches” or “rising searches” section and go as deep as you want. The deeper you go, the more interesting research becomes and the more useful information you’ll find.

These are just some of the steps you can take to find new converting keywords, and other important market information, for your clients. And don’t forget that Google Insights for Search can also be used for performing other kinds of effective research—things like finding new trends in markets or even entire industries, highest level of search for a particular keyword and when it occurs, heat maps, actual numbers instead of graphs, etc. Just make sure you’re logged-in to your Google account to unlock all of the additional information.

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