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How big is the SEO industry on the Internet? Huge, according to a new infographic by Spanish-based SEO service provider BlueCaribu.

In fact, the infographic reveals that 3.5 people look up the term “SEO” on Google every second and 9.1 million web users are digging up information on the topic each month.

People are getting their information about search engine optimization (SEO) from a variety of ways. There are 863 million websites worldwide that mention the term “SEO” and 164,000 YouTube videos are indexed with the topic.

Los Angeles may be the number one city in the U.S. to search for SEO, but India is the top country with an interest on SEO strategy, followed by Pakistan and the Philippines. The U.S. is ranked fourth, while Canada is number five.

The top three books on SEO are “SEO Made Simple,” “SEO: An Hour a Day,” and “The Art of SEO.”

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Austin Lund
Digital Marketing Specialist (Local)
Austin Lund is a Local SEO specialist at Big Leap. He is on his 6th year in the local search industry and is amazed at all the changes that have taken place and still continue to take place. He gives a special thanks to the Local Search and Local Search Pros Google+ communities for all the local search knowledge they give so freely. Outside of his job, Austin likes to sing professionally, swim competitively, play basketball, and watch movies.