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Launch FestivalThe Launch Festival is held once a year and is widely considered one of the best places to get your startup company off the ground. This year the festival housed 40 different companies on the main stage alone and gave each one the chance to win awards in categories like Best Design, Best Technology, and Best Overall. Not only will the winners of these competitions get the recognition they deserve, but they will also be seen and approached by investors who can really help them get their product off the ground. Past winners have been companies such as Dropbox, which won in 2008 and raised $257 million dollars, and Yammer which was sold to Microsoft back in 2007.

This year’s festival has seen some amazing products and as it wraps up we begin to patiently await the announcements of this year’s winners. In the meantime, here are just a few of the highlights from the festival.


This is a startup company based out of New York who has created an app that will allow the user to view the analytics of their business on an easy to use platform. When talking about Tycoon, Monica Pereira said, “Tycoon is a newsfeed for your business. We make marketing data simpler to understand, so that teams can focus on what ac tually matters, share insights and ask questions in context.”


Bebo was created in 2005 as a social media network and rose to greatness in the United Kingdom even overtaking Myspace in popularity. Soon after their success Bebo was sold to AOL for $850 million dollars with the expectation of continued success by AOL. This however was not the case and Bebo slowly began to suffer giving its creators, Michael and Xochi Birch the opportunity to buy it back for a fraction of what they sold it for.

Bebo has now been re-launched and is being showed at Launch with a new video app named Blab. Blab is said to be similar to a walkie talkie app that allows its users to easily send videos back and forth to all of their friends.

Seo Engine

Described as “the first search engine startup

[with] a viable biz model that doesn’t require [taking] advertising market share from Google to grow” by Maura Stouffer, the companies co-founder and CEO. SEO Engine has been called a “Google Simulator” which, basically, is to say that it is a search engine created to run similar to Google itself. The thing that makes them stand out is that users are given access to the “scoring layer” of the search engine. This gives any online business the ability to safely test any changes to their website in a staged environment and then review the impact when completed.

The Launch Festival is a very fun, exciting and successful festival that brings out some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the world to show off what they’ve been creating over the year. This year’s festival was no disappointment with products like Tycoon, SEO Engine and the re-launch of Bebo with the Blab app. The festival ends on February 26 2014 and the winners of the competitions will be announced shortly after.


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Jamie Bates
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