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Did you know that your vote can help us win money?

It’s true! If you vote for Big Leap as an awesome small business, we could win up to $100k! For the 4th consecutive year, Chase Bank is running its Mission Main Street Grants contest. This year they’re giving 20 small businesses a $100,000 grant if they complete the steps to qualify for the contest.

Go here to vote for Big Leap to win!

Their qualifications are pretty straightforward. The company must be a U.S.-owned small business with less than 100 full-time employees that’s been in business for longer than 2 years. Big Leap is owned by a team of Utah boys and we employ a dozen full-time employees and about twice that number of part-time workers and students.

Mission Main Street Participant

Then the company must complete an entry form and answer the 5 essay questionnaire. Here’s a sample of one of our answers on the questionnaire:

How is your business involved with the community you serve?
Leadgenix is a learning organization that thrives on gaining and sharing knowledge. It’s crucial when you work like we do, at the cutting edge of digital marketing, that the company be made up of perpetual learners; students who are hungry to understand what works, why we’re doing it, and always, always what will be next. The majority of our employees are full-time students. We offer paid internships to students at our partner schools and then hire from these pools of well-trained interns to staff our service areas for our clients. As part of that recruiting from and giving back to the local schools, our people are constantly teaching. We run daily, weekly, and monthly team training for individual groups within the company, as well as guest lecturing and presenting at 5 Utah schools and several clubs, community groups, and government organizations to share what we know with local groups and businesses. The college students we train up in our programs are qualified to work anywhere and do anything in digital marketing by the time they feel ready to move on to their next career step. And we’re delighted that sometimes that next step is to remain with us at Leadgenix.

In conclusion, we would love to win this award and we could use your help to do it! Past recipients of the award include Blue Oven Bakery, Fortified Bicycle, and Utah company, EcoScraps. Help us add Big Leap to this list!

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director