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Social media seems to be becoming a way of life for many people these days. As most are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, there is one that may not be as popular as the rest. But, if used correctly, could yield some great results.

Google+ began in 2011 as a “field test.” Due to the high demand of users, it was launched into full production in January of 2012. Google+ has not been around as long as many of the other social media platforms, meaning it is still in its growing stages, but it is growing fast.

Google And Google+


When it comes to Google Plus there are some things that we must remember. Google+ is directly tied to Google, meaning  Google will index Google+ profiles first. If you are using Google+ it is extremely important for you to have updated and detailed information on your page and profile. This will add to the validity of your page and Google will give it more attention.

Google Authorship

You also want to make sure you set up Google Authorship. By enabling Google Authorship, each time you post a blog or article, and it is searched through Google, your photo and name will show up by the result. This will give you validity as the author, and as an expert in the field of interest.

Know How It Works

Next thing you need to know is how Google+ works. Google+ can be confusing. There is much to be done on Google+ but the question always beckons, “what to do next?” Make sure you are well versed in the Google+ lingo and functionality, such as circles, hangouts, etc. By doing so, you will get a few steps ahead of your competitors.


Next is using hash tags (#). Hash tags make getting the word out so much easier. With hash tags you can enter a conversation and get people to interact with your posts. The first thing you may think of when you think of hash tags is your teenager playing on their social media all day, posting who knows what. But when it comes down to it, hash tags are one of the most convenient ways of doing social media, and will help you in your efforts of increasing traction to your business.

All of these steps are very basic, but yet very important to understand. The more you know with social media, the better you are. Take these tips and implement them, and you will see an increase of interaction with your business.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director