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Welcome Spring! Over this spring, Easter weekend, Google updated Page Rank for the first time during the new year of 2010. To be more exact, PR was renewed on Saturday, April 3rd, and Google left most of its anxious participants a little Easter treat.

Many of website owners were happy to find great improvements in their ranking. Some such owners claim to have blogs without any content which received a nice PR of 2 and 3, while others declare their sites’ Page Rank to have gone down 2 points and yet not have any effects on the amount of traffic still making its way to their website.

This brings up the controversial SEO question, is Page Rank important?

The answer is YES.

Without Page Rank, sites will receive no link juice, and therefore not be indexed by Google. And if your pages are not in Google’s index, then you cannot rank.
So PR is a critical ranking factor with Google, since it is the only factor that you have to have fulfilled 100% to even have a chance for your pages to be ranked within Google’s search results.

PR is a great measure for the overall wellness of your blog. It measures your page authority which is critical when link building. Also, typically when Page Rank goes up so does the amount of traffic headed towards your site.

Download the Page Rank tool now to get idea as to where your PR stands.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director