Three web browsers enter: which one will leave victorious?The battle for web browser supremacy is getting even closer, but that all depends on who you ask. Different methods of calculating market share have been yielding different results.

For instance Net Applications has Chrome currently in 3rd place behind Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not by much. Chrome has a market share of 19.08% and only trails Firefox by less than a single percentage point.

According to the Net Applications scale, which measures market share by how many unique users have a browser installed on their system, the top spot is still held by Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is clutching to a dominant 54.02% market share.

Chrome has been gaining ground by this measurement, and sometime very soon is ready to become the number 2 web browser in the world. But that isn’t the only measurement for market share that we have available.

What Else Is There?

A different angle to look at market share comes from StatCounter. StatCounter takes it measurements based on total web traffic, which paints a different picture entirely.

According to total overall traffic, Chrome is light years ahead of the competition. The difference those measurements can have on projected market share is staggering.

Whats The Difference?

There are a couple reasons why these two market evaluations would be so completely different. Internet Explorer still comes standard on a lot of machines, while Chrome or Firefox require you to instigate and additional download.

Even though people might have all three browsers installed on their computers, Chrome is getting used more frequently for standard internet browsing. That would account for a higher over traffic result.

It’s almost as if each browser is developing its own loyal following. Firefox is loved by developers, Chrome is championed by internet power users, and Internet Explorer is used by people who really don’t know any better.

There really is a home for everyone.
Even Internet Explorer can find a place the thrive!

Scott Sundblom