Changes happen in digital marketing nearly every day. Our monthly Digital Marketing News Roundups are designed to help you stay on top of the most impactful news regarding changes in organic search, paid search, social media, and content marketing.

This month’s roundup includes news about Google AdWords extensions, Facebook’s diminishing engagement, and video in Google’s local search results.


Google AdWords Mobile Extensions Updated

AdWords Mobile Extensions Updated
The increased emphasis on mobile marketing continues. August brought additional updates to Google AdWords’ search ads as they display on mobile devices. The update increased the number of mobile sitelinks available as well as making the sitelinks interactive and tappable.

Additionally, the update also brought a change to callouts and structured snippets as these features will now be included inside of ad copy, but will not be interactive. These features appear to still be in testing, so stay tuned!

Facebook Engagement is Down in 2017

Facebook Engagement Down 20%

While this tidbit of news isn’t the announcement of a change a platform has made in advertising capability or an algorithmic change, it’s still noteworthy for any business using Facebook as part of their marketing. The folks over at Buzzsumo have put together a piece of phenomenal research showing how engagement on Facebook has decreased by 20% after studying 880 million posts.

The research digs into the types of posts that have been most affected as well as potential reasons for the decrease. Have you seen a decrease in engagement with your business’s Facebook page?


Google Introduces Video to Google Maps Listings

Google Adds Videos to Local Search Results

Google is putting even more power in the hands of their Local Guides as it’s introducing video in localized search results. Local Guides with Android devices will now have the ability to upload videos for businesses they visit.

Google even provided some guidelines on what it it’s looking for with the videos: ”The possibilities are really exciting: Take viewers on a mini tour of a store you love, or show the bustling scene at your favorite neighborhood restaurant.”


That’s it for this month’s recap! Will any of this news impact how you’re doing digital marketin?

Chad Pearman