Testing Your Product Idea on Kickstarter

Using Kickstarter to Validate Your Product Idea

Kickstarter.com has grown immensely over the past 5 years. Inventors, creatives, musicians, producers, or anyone with an idea can launch a product using crowdfunding. There’s a never ending idea-stream that has come from crowdfunding. Whether it’s a fashion product or a game called Exploding Kittens, anything, and I mean, anything, can be crowdfunded.   Should […]

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4 Tips for Successfully Onboarding Clients

  Over the years, if I’ve learned anything in the world of digital marketing it’s that change is the only constant. No two partnerships are exactly alike, which creates both excitement and a fun challenge each time we onboard a new client at Big Leap. Through the sales process, one question keeps popping up: How […]

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Improve Client Calls Instantly With These 5 Tips

Every day I spend hours chatting on the phone with current clients, prospective clients, contacts, partners, and friends—and I love it! A big part of the digital marketing business has very little to do with the internet, and everything to do with your rapport on the phone. Some people think you have to be a […]

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