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Eric Jackson is Big Leap’s resident online reputation management expert. His digital marketing prowess has been honed over the years working with large Fortune 500 companies like KFC, HP, DELL and NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” He has no spare time, but he has been known to go camping.

Learn 6 Key Link Acquisition Strategies for your SaaS Company


SaaS companies are different.  The sales cycle is different, the product offering is different (because you are selling both the product AND the service), and the longevity of a SaaS customer is typically long-term…different.  Therefore, the marketing at a SaaS company must be different, right?

Despite the obvious differences, you don’t have to turn your link […]

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5 Local Citation Opportunities You Might Have Overlooked

How many times has Google changed the name of their local business profile? Google+ Local, Google Places, Google My Business?  I am sure that I am missing a few.  

As often as Google changes things, the local landscape can change just as much.  However, there are some local search mainstays that I think might be […]

By |August 15th, 2016|Categories: Local Search, Local SEO|

Drive Business and Increase ROI with Content Repurposing


What is the purpose of the content your business is producing?

There are a lot of ways to respond to this question, and many of them involve things like SEO, lead generation and driving conversions. While these answers are all correct, they don’t highlight the chief goal of content marketing: educating your prospects and customers.

By producing content […]

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