9 Common YouTube Marketing Mistakes

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A LOT of time and money goes into producing high-quality video content for businesses that are successful on YouTube. Don’t waste all that effort and money by making these simple YouTube Marketing mistakes.

1. Poor Title

If the name of your video showed up in a search, would you click on it? You need to make the title simple, catchy, and descriptive of what your video is actually about. Use your keywords as much as you can in your title to ensure that they will rank higher in search results.

2. Poor Description

In just a few sentences you need to provide enough information for people to decide if they want to watch your video or not. Make your description compelling and readable-pull your viewers’ attention in and make them decide then and there to watch your video. Within your description include a call action such as an invitation to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, or like your Facebook Page.

3. Weak Tags

Don’t just throw in random keywords without doing any research. A good tip is to use the YouTube Keyword Tool which will generate popular keywords for you to use. Also, remember that the best keywords are actually short phrases like “YouTube Marketing Tips.” Properly optimizing your videos is essential for people to be able to find and watch the great videos you are uploading.

4. No Call to Action

As a business, your goal is not for people to simply watch your video but to act after watching it. You may want them to watch another video, subscribe to your channel, or visit your website. A great way to add a call to action to your video is to add annotations. Encourage viewers, at the beginning and the end of the video, to ask certain actions such as liking the video, leaving a comment, and/or clicking the subscribe button. These simple Call To Actions can increase the chance to build up channel loyalty and transit viewers into actual channel funnel.

5. No Channel Trailer

Creating your channel trailer can benefit you to explain to viewers what your channel is about and ask more Call To Action at the beginning of your videos. This customized channel trailer can be more beneficial to viewers who are either new to your channel or do not have enough interest on your videos to subscribe it yet. Try to capture the viewers’ attention, explain your channel, and call to action in your short 5-10 seconds of channel trailer.

6. Forgetting Your Target Audience

Every marketing strategy starts with setting and understanding its targeting audience. YouTube is not an exception to this rule. Remember that who your current viewers are and what kind of audience you want to target for to boost your sales and increase your brand awareness. Stretch your YouTube strategy to create the contents that your target audience might be eager to engage in. Find what they are interested in and passionate about. When you create videos that sophisticatedly aim at your target audience, it would be the primary engine of growth for your YouTube channel.


7. Passive Interaction with Users

The trend seems to be to focus on total views to determine the success of a YouTube video. Remember, however, that engagement is really what you are after when using social media. Having tons of views but no comments show that lots of people are watching but they don’t care enough about the video or about your brand to take the time to comment about it. Try to maximize your engagement with viewers to build up the viewer loyalty and develop positive attitudes towards channel as well as the brand itself. Do not hesitate to interact with them by talking to them on the comment section and using viewer’s suggestions to flourish your contents.

  1. Ignoring YouTube Comments

Remember that YouTube is social media, which means that your goal should be interaction. Invite people to leave comments on your videos and reply/engage with people when necessary. At times YouTube comments can be rude and negative. Instead of just deleting or ignoring those type of comments, use them as an opportunity to show your followers how you deal with unhappy costumers. Remember as well that if someone left you a negative comment, that means they were on your page and likely watched your video! The more comments you receive, good or bad, the more people will be seeing your video!

9. Unrealistic Expectations

You need to remember that there is no formula for going viral. Rarely, if ever, will you upload a video that will get millions of views immediately. These cases are exceptions to the rule. Define what you are hoping to get out of YouTube as a brand, and work toward reaching realistic goals-virality not being one of them.

Whitney Matthews