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A recent Big Leap blog post, The Growing Effect of Social Media on Marketing, highlighted a fundamental characteristic of social media: interactivity. As much more than a platform for just photos, videos, or posts – social media is a network of webpages that allow users to interact with each other through conversation, sharing, tagging, reposting and more. Social media brings internet users together in a unique and unprecedented way.

Now nearly a decade old, Twitter embodies the most significant qualities of a social media platform: creating real-time, two-way engagement. In addition, Social Media Today deemed Twitter “the most important social media site in 2015” because of its user-friendly features. Simply put, Twitter is useful AND fun to use.

With messages limited to 140 characters, Twitter allows just enough space for users to post a link, share an image, exchange banter, and much more. These short bursts of information are ideal for relaying quick messages in our fast-paced, short-attention span society.

For advertising agencies, Twitter is among the most powerful and beneficial marketing channels. With Twitter, an ad agency can build an ever-present online identity that allows them to connect with a broad target audience.

However, effectively using Twitter as a marketing tool is no easy task. If you’re looking for those rare examples of businesses making the most of social media, then look no further than these ten Arizona ad agencies that are doing Twitter right.

1. RiesterRiester twitter

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Reister has been providing clients with beneficial advertising services for more than 26 years. By successfully creating and revitalizing brands, launching products, changing consumer behaviors, and much more, Reister has landed on Ad Age’s Top 20 Hottest Creative Shops in America and Forbes’ Top 100 Global Ad Agencies that Know Social Media.

Riester’s Twitter account, @RIESTERAgency, reflects their drive for success. With over 4,000 followers, frequent posts, and a good use of retweets, Riester creates great content that engages their followers and allows for fun user interaction to help them maintain a solid online presence.  Their Twitter account includes a short, direct description of who they are, as well as a link that takes visitors to their home page.

2. R&R PartnersR&R twitter

For the past four decades, R&R Partners has helped launch some of the world’s most innovative companies. This full-service, independent, international ad agency is dedicated to helping clients succeed with line-extensions and complex cause-related marketing efforts.

With more than 6,000 followers on Twitter, @rrpartners takes exceptional advantage of this social media platform. They follow 1,483 other users as of this posting and are constantly sharing beneficial tweets and retweets full of creative, informative content. R&R Partners utilizes a striking logo and distinct images to represent who they are and where they work. They also include a link for more information on the site.

3. Cramer-Krasseltcramertwitter

As one of the leading marketing agencies with an office in Phoenix, Crammer-Krasselt offers digital, analytical, multi-cultural, promotional, media, and public relations services to businesses around the globe.  With 38% of their work being digital, Cramer-Krasselt understands the power of effective online marketing.

Cramer-Krasselt’s Twitter account @cramerkrasselt interacts with clients and others by frequently tweeting at people and filling their account with great tweets that inspire their followers to take action. They follow 1,282 people and have nearly 4,000 followers. And they aren’t afraid to be playful or have fun on their Twitter account; their page includes many great and creative tweets and retweets that benefit their fans. Plus, we like their logo and cover image a lot.

4. Off Madison Aveoff madison twitter

Off Madison Ave is a full-service advertising agency out of Phoenix that uses expert in-house capabilities to bring business visions to life. From media planning and buying to content marketing, broadcast, digital marketing promotions, social media and beyond, Off Madison Ave is driven to build better brands.

Through Twitter, they are able to reach and interact with their audience in modern, innovative ways. With 4,422 followers, 1,764 tweets and 1,096 people they follow, @offmadisonave frequently posts great, intriguing content. They also integrate other social media platforms by tweeting about Facebook updates, Instagram photos and much more.

5. LaneTerraleverlane twitter

As one of the largest full-service marketing and advertising agencies in the Phoenix area, LaneTerralever provides users with award-winning advertising services like interactive marketing, technology services, digital media and data analytics, development and design, social media, public relations, media and multicultural strategy, and much more.

This company uses Twitter in a great way: @laneterralever follows 478 users, has 2,756 followers, and with 4,241 tweets they are constantly active on social media. They post engaging content with good use of hashtags, and they frequently tweet at other users. Their account includes a link to their website and graphics that increase brand identity.

6. ReThinc Advertisingrethinc twitter

At ReThinc Advertising in Phoenix, digital, social and tradition marketing blend together to boost the success of company brands. With an award-winning design department, branding specialists and expert web designers all in-house, ReThinc Advertising caters to companies who need professional advertising assistance without the high price tag.

@ReThinc is their active Twitter handle where they connect with their 4,080 followers and the 1,258 users they are following. ReThinc makes great use of pictures, painting a visual picture of who they are and what they do. With nearly 1,500 tweets, they tweet a lot and include beneficial posts about social media marketing and even their own blog posts. ReThinc also includes a direct link to their website.

7. Six Degrees6 twitter

Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Six Degrees Market Research and Branding Agency has been working with companies for 16 years on new-age brand development. They offer insights about the world of branding, advertising, design and more to bring companies unique, reliable success.

Six Degrees’ Twitter account, @6DBrandBuilding has 4,236 followers and more than 4,000 tweets. They are doing a lot of things right with Twitter: they make great use of hashtags, solid use of photos, and include engaging posts with tweets linking to other social media platforms.

8. Zog Digitalzog twitter

As one of Scottsdale’s leading digital marketing and technology companies, ZOG Digital creates, optimizes and amplifies content that enables brands to effectively and efficiently connect with their target audience. Through search engine optimization, social media marketing, maid advertising, design & development and more, ZOG Digital has helped hundreds of companies grow revenue.

ZOG Digital’s Twitter account, @ZOGDigital, has more than 18,600 followers, is following nearly 3,000 users, has about 4,000 favorites, and exactly 3,824 tweets. They include a vivid logo that shows its brand as well as a direct link to their website. They post great content that engages their followers and inspires them to learn. ZOG Digital also makes exceptional use of hashtags and tagging other companies or people in their posts.

9. Moses Inc.moses twitter

Founded in the 1980’s Moses Inc. remains one of the independent renegade ad agencies left in the nation and one of the leading brands in the Phoenix area. Named Best Ad Agency 2013 by Adweek, Moses Inc. lives up to their label as the poster child for creativity.

With more than 43,300 followers on Twitter, @Moses_hq uses social media as a reliable way to communicate and interact with their audience. Though they only follow 865 users, they make great use of pictures and post intriguing, playful tweets with good content.  They tweet a lot, with retweets, hashtags, external links and more.

With effective, frequent use of Twitter, these 10 Arizona ad agencies have garnered much success. Twitter has allowed them to connect with users on a new level—by integrating photos, utilizing retweets, including hashtags, and tagging other users.

For further reading on the benefits and how-to’s of social media, visit the Leadgenix blog today.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director