Online videos are a brilliant way to introduce people to your business as well as promote sales and leads. It’s effective, inexpensive (often FREE), simple to do, plus it reaches customers all around the world, bringing in business you normally wouldn’t get.

This type of marketing is basically free advertising and is so successful because people are more likely to watch a video than sit and read about a business or product. There are so many possibilities and you can be as creative as you want. You can make demo videos, “how to” videos, informational videos, comical videos, etc.

Most people going to sites like YouTube are going there for entertainment, a good laugh or for some “how to” info. So make sure you cater to that audience by making a video that looks or sounds interesting enough to click on and will keep their attention. The following video is a perfect example of this…

Jennifer, a business owner in Florida, is a great example of successful video demos. After struggling for a couple years with her business, she finally decided to post some product demo videos online (YouTube, Google videos, etc.), in addition to search engine marketing (SEO) and social media efforts. People actually found her individual videos, went to her website and place orders. Once on her website, customers were also able to see all the other product demo videos she had (which were also on YouTube), promoting even more sales. (When people can see how a product works, they are more inclined to buy it than if they simply saw a picture of it). The best part is that she drop-ships the items when people place the orders, so her house isn’t full of inventory. Since her business is all online, she can also do it from anywhere in there world she can access the internet. Brilliant!

Online video marketing is not complicated or expensive like many fear. Windows operating systems automatically come with a free video editing software called “Windows Movie Maker”. It’s amazing what you can do with this free software! You don’t even need an expensive camera. Even the crummiest cameras can make a good video if you edit it right. (Warning….this can become an addiction).

Once posted on YouTube, you then have the ability to place your video on your website or in a blog. You can even include a link to your video in emails you send out or as a link in your other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

Two Big Tips From Successful Video Marketers:

1) Include your URL (website address) in the video. Keep it in there long enough for people to actually type it in and check it out. (The whole point is to get people to your website, so don’t forget to put it in!)

2) Record an extra minute after your video has ended. Once your video ends, YouTube immediately goes to a page where you can click on other videos. Leaving your URL up for an extra minute will allow people time to copy it and check out your site before they get distracted with other peoples videos.

If you’re still on the fence whether online video marketing is something you want to do, you could always just give it a good try and see what happens. The worst that could happen is…nothing.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director