Wonder where the Wonder Wheel went? So do we. In remembrance of this “wonderful” internet marketing solutions and content optimization tool, today we will commemorate its possible non-existence.

With Google’s new update at the beginning of the summer, it appears that the elusive Wonder Wheel is no longer an option on the left sidebar.  The Wonder Wheel used to be an option in the related searches category, but now it seems that it is nowhere to be found.

where is the google wonder wheel

So where is the Google Wonder Wheel? Was it taken off the preset site options for a reason, or did Google yet again forget to include it with their new update? Apparently history repeats itself, because the same thing happened in September of 2010.

Search Results

While we patiently wait for the Wonder Wheel to return to our sidebars, let’s review its capabilities (hopefully not past capabilities).

  1. Search suggestions

    The Wonder Wheel performs a similar function to that of LSI keyword searches. It pulls relevant content and key phrases from the most popular sites within your area of authority to provide you with ideas of how to optimize your copy.

  2. Visual representation

    The Wonder Wheel is a graphical representation of textual searches. In a sense, original content can be optimized and made more search engine-friendly.

  3. Search refinement

    Once a search has been made, a user can click on each branch of the Wonder Wheel to make their search even more specific. You can essentially have several wheels of optimized keyword and key phrase suggestions right at your fingertips. This makes it easy to choose the right search engine keywords.

Wonder-less Isn’t Wonderful

This limbo of having no Wonder Wheel will hopefully not last for long. Many forum threads and blog posts are devoted to the effort to resurrect the Wonder Wheel, and we definitely support the cause. We will patiently wait for our friendly eight-legged search companion to return to our screens. However, perhaps the question ‘where is the Google Wonder Wheel?’ will be a question of the past if Google comes out with an even better optimization tool.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director