Practice/Practitioner Listings

When dealing with listings on Google Local, or Google Places for Business, sometimes there is a situation where we have practice and practitioner listings–for example, a dentist office with 10 different dentists in it.  You might have a main clinic, and in the same location are more dentists, which individually are their own separate entity incorporated as individuals.

In said situation, Google wants the main clinic and each individual practitioner to have their own individual listings. The problem emerges where these listings have the same phone number, and as a result the practitioner listings get merged into the main listing.

Darren Shaw on Practice/Practitioner Listings

Below is a video where Darren Shaw, one of the brightest minds in Local SEO, explains what the best thing to do for practitioner listings on Google Local. One the key takeaways is to get a unique phone number and a distinct name. He also explains another technique that will further help a practitioner listing to stay active on Google Local.

To learn the more about what Darren Shaw has to say on this issue, watch his 5-minute video below.

Austin Lund