What is goo.gl? The simple easy answer is that its a link shortener like bit.ly or a number of other link shorteners that exist today. Google is looking to join in on the link shortening business.

Snipped URL

The answer for people who were like me a few hours ago is that a link shortener takes a big url such as


and turns it into something much less intimidating and more social media friendly like


Try it out. Both urls lead to the same page. Cool, huh? This is good news for twitter users that want to share links because sometimes a single link can take up all 140 characters.

Now for the bigger question though. What does this do for search engine optimization?

Shortened urls are much easier to share. And luckily for your website, Google algorithms take shortened links into account when determining page rankings.

Google tracks every shortened url, so if you share a link on Facebook or in an email this way it helps with seo. Links shared in social media used to have no effect at all on seo.

Google link shortener also lets you can keep track of links that you’ve shortened yourself. goo.gl has a built in analytics for ever link you create, so you can track how many people have clicked on your link and where those clicks are coming from.

Goo.gl analytics

So now that you know about goo.gl go have some fun simplifying the link building world and get some link juice to your site while you are at it.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director