From Instagram’s “hipster” photos to square, boxy furniture, there has been a return to a more vintage-esc type of lifestyle. Also, given increasing populations and higher gas prices, this modern trend has also begun to include a return to retro-looking scooters, and today marks the start of an extensive social media campaign for the increasingly popular Vespa scooter.

Vespa begins social media campaign on Flikr and InstagramThe Vespa brand is practically just as popular as the scooter lifestyle itself, where the name Vespa is beginning to stand for any type of scooter in the industry. People love Vespa and, in a sense, it has become the symbol for scooters.

As a result, the company decided to launch a social media campaign that will allow loyal riders to express their love of the brand’s lifestyle online.

The company is simply encouraging users to post their Instagram or Flikr photos with the tag #VespaStyle, which will link these photos to Vespa’s lifestyle site where they are joined in a mosaic by hundreds of similar photos.

Vespa begins social media campaignSo why all the fuss over this? Companies, love to have positive consumer reviews about their product or brand, and it’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what does this mean for the Vespa’s brand?

You got it! This type of strategy is exactly what creates even greater brand loyalty among consumers, giving them an opportunity to express themselves through a product they already love and identify with.

More importantly, what does this mean for your brand? You may not have thousands upon thousands of loyal customers who associate your brand with a particular lifestyle, but anyone who uses your product or service, regardless of what it may be, is saying something about themselves.

Vespa consumers show love via social media on Instagram and Flikr

Let’s face it though, some services are just not quite as captivating as others, but just because people are not waiting in line to post a photo of themselves with your product, doesn’t mean you can’t get them to share their positive experiences and remind them of how much they appreciate you.

Facebook is a great outlet for this. Ask people to comment on their worst experience with something and how your product  saved the day, or ask them to tell about the best experience they’ve had with your service, and then give everyone who participates a chance to win a discount or prize.

This formula has proven successful in the past for various companies, and there are various styles of facebook posts that encourage user involvement.  All that’s left is for you to start giving these types of opportunities to your customers.

photo credits: jutakyo via photo pin cc; rromer via photo pin ccjutakyo via photo pin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director