As a hard working employee you want to be recognized for doing great work right? Your company may have an “Employee of the Month” award or an annual service award for someone going above and beyond, but how would you feel if you worked in a culture that constantly recognized and rewarded its employees? There is a very large difference between companies who recognize and reward their employees because they feel like they have to and companies that drive a culture of recognition through daily actions.

There are several different ways for companies to create and sustain an effective culture of recognition, but one of the best ways is through the use of social media. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites is easy to use, increases the rate and type of recognition, and strengthens the online image of your company


It’s Easy to Use

Almost all of your employees have a Facebook profile, many have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and some may even spend time on Google Plus. Each of these platforms are free and extremely easy to use. All you have to do is simply start using them for employee recognition. Try giving an employee a shout-out on Twitter when they go above and beyond, or share a picture of an employee helping a customer on Facebook. You will be surprised at how well this type of recognition is received by your employees.

Increases Peer to Peer and Public Recognition

Being recognized by your manager is important and it probably makes you feel really good about the quality of your work, but do you sometimes feel that your manager is just telling you that you are doing a good job because they are supposed to say that? Sometimes this is the case, sometimes it is not. But what if your peers took the opportunity to recognize you for being a great employee? How would that make you feel?  Social media allows them to do this and allows you to recognize anybody you want.

Social media also allows for other people to see who is being recognized and what they are being recognized for. If you receive an award for being a great employee and it was posted on Facebook, everyone in the company would see how cool you are! When an employee is formally recognized (from a manager) usually only the employee and the manager know about it and it is not publicized. Don’t you want others to know that you are a great worker?

Boosts Company Image

When I look at a company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page and I see that they constantly recognize their employees, it makes me think “That must be a great place to work” or “I would love to work for a company like that someday.” Don’t you want your fans to think that when they see your page?

When you recognize an employee on social media, anyone looking at your company page will see that recognition. This includes current employees, future employees, fans, and the individual’s personal network. Even their family and friends can see when they are being recognized for being a great employee!

2 Words of Caution

Do not stop using social media for marketing purposes.  Remember that its primary purpose is to build your brand and create an image that you want your customers/fans to have. However, showing that you value your employees every now and then can only build your brand and create a positive image in the minds of those who view your page!

Not everyone wants to be recognized publicly so please make sure you get an employees permission to recognize them on social media. The majority of people will embrace the idea of social recognition, but just make sure!

Next week I will help you understand a little bit more about HOW companies can use social media to recognize their employees.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director