Over the past several months, Twitter has been conducting an experiment through an account called @Magic Recs. This account was designed to send Twitter users personalized recommendations for who to follow and for content that they would enjoy seeing. Users who follow @MagicRecs receive periodic direct messages with these recommendations.

Magic Recs account

How Magic Rec Works

Although this experiment has been going on for quite a while, I just found out about it a few days ago so I decided to try it. I began following @MagicRecs with my personal Twitter account and with several client accounts I manage. Within just a few hours, I started receiving Direct Messages from @MagicRecs with advice on who I should follow. Here are a few examples of some of the most recent direct messages some of my clients have received:

magic Recs examples

As you can see, @MagicRecs suggests new accounts that you should follow based on the activity of people you already interact with. I have found this tool to be extremely useful, both for my personal Twitter use and for the client accounts that I manage. All of the accounts @MagicRecs has recommended to me and to my clients have been relevant and are accounts that I wish I would have known about sooner. @MagicRecs has potential to really benefit your personal Twitter account and is perfect if you are looking to get more out of social media for your business.

New Recommendations

Because of the success @MagicRecs has had and the overall positive feedback that has been received, Twitter announced yesterday a new push notification in its Twitter apps for Android and iOS. This new notification feature will use data about who you follow and interact with to recommend new accounts to follow and tweets to view. You will be able to change your recommendation settings at any time and can turn these specific notifications on or off at any time.

Twitter has not released a specific day that this new feature will become available, so in the meantime follow @MagicRecs and let us know what you think!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director