White Hat SEO article writingLet’s talk a little white hat SEO here–more specifically, SEO article writing. SEO article writing–or guest blogging, as it can also be termed–plays a large part in Internet marketing. It combines principles of search engine optimization with the power of useful, informative content. Through creating and optimizing articles, businesses can promote themselves online and increase their exposure with both humans and search engines.

SEO article writing provides fresh, high-quality content that can promote a website and attract consumers, improving the value of the site. It gives search engines a way to more easily find a business’  website, and it is a much more cost-effective strategy than traditional marketing.

The Benefits of SEO Article Writing

Here’s the breakdown of the benefits of SEO article writing. Now tune in closely because understanding these benefits will lead you to place SEO article writing as one of your highest priorities in your efforts to ultimately increase sales. Here are some of the top benefits of SEO article writing:

    • Shows that You are a Knowledgeable Source – Well-written articles demonstrate your knowledge on crucial topics, so that customers can consider you a reliable resource for answers and solutions to their problems.
    • Increases Site Stickiness – Informative, credible articles will bring more people to your site and will keep them longer on the site. An additional benefit linked to these first two would be repeat traffic from previous visitors.
    • Increases Search Engine Ranking – Since SEO articles are optimized by relevant long-tailed keywords (e.g., San Diego dentist or flower shop in Nashville), they lead your website to greater visibility on the web and increased rankings on the search engines. Also, if the information is valuable, consumers will more likely share your article in the form of backlinks–be it on other websites or social media and bookmarking sites.
    • Using a Variety of Keywords for Your Site – Each article can use a different keyword or keywords (multiple keywords in one article) that help your site rank higher for each keyword. Different people searching for the same thing will most likely use different (or even just slightly different) keywords to get there.

At Big Leap, the Internet Marketing SEO firm I work for, we place SEO article writing as one of our top priorities in the search engine optimization work we do for each of our clients (after all the keyword search, web design, et cetera of course). And it proves to be very, very effective in boosting each of our clients rankings, increasing visibility on the web, and drawing in and retaining more visitors.

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Austin Lund