When it comes to social media, we have a wide variety of needs so  a wide variety of sites have been developed to fulfill those needs. Each site is set up differently and is therefore used more at specific times throughout the week. Whether these sites are for business or personal use, we want our posts to be seen by as many friends or followers as possible.

Bitly has done a study to determine when these sites are the most active. These graphs are a representation of the data they discovered. The darker the square, the more active the site. Top Left represents Monday at midnight. The days throughout the week continue down the graph and the hours of the day go to the right.

When to Post on Facebook

(The darker the color, the more active the website.)
When to post on Facebook
My personal favorite social media site has the most activity throughout the entire day when compared to the others. Facebook has the most traffic mid-week from 1pm-3pm. Posting should be avoided on the weekend because there is a significant decrease in traffic. This makes sense because weekends are when most people have plans so many wait until they have time during the week to upload a new album of pictures and talk about the exciting activities that have been keeping them busy.

When to Post on Twitter

(The darker the color, the more active the website.)
When to post on Twitter
Twitter, similar to Facebook, has dramatic traffic declines during the weekend. The earlier in the week the better when sending your tweets. Posting in the afternoon between 1pm-3pm will increase the chances of receiving a high click count.

When to Post on Tumblr

(The darker the color, the more active the website.)
When to post on Tumblr
Tumblr seems to be the social media site that is up all night. Contrary to the previous times mentioned, one should wait until at least 4pm to post on Tumblr. Traffic is the highest between 7pm and 10pm so posting during that time will result in the most clicks. Although weekends should be avoided for other social media sites, Friday night is the best time to post on Tumblr.

Take the time necessary to make sure your content matters, then post at the optimal time and you are sure to get a significant amount of traffic on your page.

Megan Rothey
Megan is an Digital Marketing Manager at Big Leap who loves coming up with strategies that help businesses grow. She has a fondness for SEO since that was her focus when she entered the digital marketing industry. She is a board games master, a tennis enthusiast, and she adores her husband.