I am not sure how your elementary school worked, but for me the coolest kids were those on the ‘honor roll’.  They were smart and athletic, the teachers loved them, and they were looked up to by the Gold Starother students.  However, I never made it to the honor roll… and for that reason always had the question, “How do you make it on the honor roll?”

According to search engine watch, Google is used over 91 million times a day! It is the honor roll of search engines.  Everyone wants to be cool and get one it but the question is, how? To get there we first need to understand the Google Pipeline and what that means to you.

Crawling and Indexing

Crawling or Spidering, is when Google sends out a little program called a GoogleBot which surfs page after page following each link and determining them worthy or not to be recorded.  These records are then compiled together and synced to determine which websites are most relevant to what keyword.

If your site is indexed, that means a GoogleBot has seen your website and has determined it worthy to be recorded for people to search.  If you have multiple links to your site from anything from Blog Comments to Advertisements, Google will value your website more and more.

Google BotRanking and SEO

In this Index, Google has a lot of logarithms it uses to assign a page rank to each site and give relevance to keywords.  These logarithms are not explicitly stated or given to anyone outside of Google.  That is why covering your bases and optimizing your site constantly is important!

If you are in a highly competitive market, then you will want help from a Search Engine Optimization specialist.   Because the Google logarithms are changing constantly, SEO specialists study trends, new ways of ranking higher, and analytics to come up with the most effective strategy for each website.  Not only for big businesses, but SEO for your small business is essential to get off the ground and beat the competition.

If I were a smart kid back in the days of elementary, I should have asked my Mother how I could get on the honor roll.  That might have been all the help I needed to become one of the cool kids.  Don’t make the same mistake and ask a SEO specialist to get on the Google Honor Roll!

Photo Credit: Intersection Consulting via Photopin

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director