Where to start

So you’re like me – interested in generating a little bit of side income. Perhaps it is because you are irritated that everyone else out there seems to be able to be marginally/wildly successful in their various side ventures, or perhaps you just want to have some more disposable income to ‘play’ with.

Whatever the reason may be, there are a few basic things that you need to think about – Picking a good niche, looking respectable, and driving traffic.

Picking a Niche– You have to put some thought into which niche you want to go into. I say niche because as someone who is just starting up you need to stay focused on a small product line and customer base. You likely, won’t have the budget or time to adaquetly advertise to multiple segments. So choose a segment that you have some interest in, has traffic, and whose product can be sold with a high enough margin to net you some income.

Looking Respectable– The next part of the process is making sure that your site looks good. After all you have to think about who you are competing with; likely other small entreprenuers and Amazon/Ebay. It is going to be tough to convince someone to buy a product from you over something off of Amazon, because they are trusted and familiar. So you have to be double sure that you have a slick, trust worthy design. Think about incorporating testimonials and security seals on your site.

Driving Traffic- This is the always thought of most important part of a business. If you have a great site in a great segment it won’t matter if nobody can find your page. I would recommend checking out SEOMOZ for an indepth guide on SEO link building as well as helpful tips on how to improve your SEO ‘game’.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director